The Surprising Benefits of Soft Drinks

Imagine a hot summer day with a glass of my Cola in your hand. Safe under the shade of a tree and with the people you love. Sounds like the cosiest day ever, doesn’t it? That’s the thing about fizzy drinks. They fill you with all the feel-good emotions when you need it most. It is common knowledge that too many fizzy drinks are not good for your health and your teeth, consuming in limited quantities does more good than bad. Let me tell you why carbonated drinks are good. Here are two reasons why.

A Burst of Energy

Like a cup of coffee, fizzy drinks have caffeine in them, giving you that slap-in-the-face energy when you feel lethargic. Caffeine has been known to increase mental focus and concentration, so for those unmotivated hours, chug a small glass of my Cola! It will get you right back up and full of energy. With the added energy to focus, you can now work more efficiently than without that extra dose of energy. Make sure you don’t overdo it, too much of anything is never good.

Make Digestion Easy

This may come as a surprise, but most doctors and scientists recommend drinking carbonated drinks for gastric phytobezoar, a condition where you experience difficulty moving food through your digestive tract. What’s the easiest solution? A glass of my Cola would do the trick. The high acidic content in fizzy drinks helps break down blockage that appears and smoothen things out.

There you go! These are two valid reasons why carbonated drinks aren’t entirely bad for you. However, make sure you consume them in limited amounts. You don’t want your love for soft drinks hurt you later in life. Moderation should be practised, especially with soft drinks. Check out our website for more interesting articles on everything you need about carbonated drinks. See you in the next one!