Here are 3 Reasons you Must Stay Hydrated

Water is the most important substance known to humankind. Not a lot of us know that. The earth we live in is a giant bowl of water. Here’s the catch! Most of the water on our big blue planet is undrinkable. Out of all the water we have only 2.5% of it is fresh and from that, 1% is accessible by us humans. Shocking, isn’t it? This makes it more important than ever to understand the significant role freshwater plays in our lives, health and wellbeing and the importance of keeping ourselves hydrated.

Let be the first to say this (but, not really). Water is extremely important to our bodies. Every one of our cells needs water to stay healthy and keep doing what it does best, that is; to keep us alive. Science tells us that our bodies cannot survive without 8-21 days of water, albeit, depending on the physical and environmental conditions of the person. Understanding this, let me tell you why you need water and the importance of staying hydrated.

Water retains skin elasticity

Elasticity is only a fancy word for flexibility and suppleness of the skin. It has been proved that drinking the right amount of water will help your skin look alive and well. Although it increases skin elasticity, that does not mean you’re immune to the wrinkles of old age. Everybody gets there at some point and there is no escaping that.

Little did we know, you can retain water through several different sources and not strictly stuck to just water. Tea, coffee and carbonated drinks are a few water-based fluids that help you get water into your system, however, you still consume extra calories in your beverages that you might be unaware of.

Water maintains your cardiovascular health

A lot of us don’t know that water is a huge constituent in our blood. While water and other soft drinks bring fluids into the blood, the opposite can prove deadly to life. Lower amounts of water in the blood means a reduced blood volume. In layman’s terms, it means your blood is not as fluid as it should be, making the heart work harder than it has to, to pump the same amount of blood to the rest of your body. Drinking adequate amounts of water will increase blood fluidity, thereby, helping blood flow through the body.

Water is a natural cleanser

Here’s news to everybody looking for a well-deserved cleanse. It turns out that water has an incredible ability to cleanse the body, both inside and out. Our kidneys are the filters of the body, and they need water to be efficient at filtering. Keeping yourself hydrated prevents the formation of kidney stones and any sort of infections that relate to the kidney. If you happen to disregard your water intake, you may end up increasing toxins in the blood. And is something nobody wants. I can vouch for that.

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