was never an easy child to bear, but a precious child to sustain. Pet Packaging the mother of Beverages started its operation in 1994 as a bottled water manufacturer when hygienic bottled drinking water was merely a concept in Sri Lanka. Pet Packaging introduced CRISTAL bottled water and later in 2004, as a BOI approved project. Powered by an imagination that has now conquered borders, the will to succeed, and a continuous learning approach has seen fertilized as an idea and rinsed through trials and tribulations like a phoenix. revolutionized the hitherto two-way concept of the carbonated soft drinks.

Carbonated soft drinks manufacturers for many years used the returnable glass bottles while introduced the one-way pack pet bottles with a handy handle to carry. Through innovative concepts and dedication, has won the trust & love of Sri Lankan consumers. operates with a marketing fleet exceeding 80 dedicated marketing personnel and has an island wide coverage over 50 distributors and many super markets having proudly obtained a market share of over 5%.The company today markets two brands of water and products with a portfolio of flavours not second to any of the multi national products.The beverage brand extends flavours such as my Cola, my Orange, my Lemon, my Soda, my Cream Soda, my MGB AND my Power Energy drink . The range is well presented as modernised environmental friendly convenient PET plastic bottles which will thrill your moment and tempt you to grab one from the bottle cooler or from the shelf of a corner shop near you home.

not only has flavours to inspire you, but a variety of sizes such, as 330 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml and 2000 ml that’s just right for your need at the given moment. Quality is at the heart of all brands at . Well trained factory and quality staff adheres to stringent quality measures and continuously upgrades its best practices to provide the most trusted water and beverage brand in Sri Lanka with SLSI and Ministry of Health certifications. “We propel the art of innovation with simple dreams”

Our Vision

As a Home Grown Beverage Company, our aim is to excel in long term financial performances with happy People and happy Planet.

Our Mission

As a Home Grown Beverage Company, our business is to serve Our Consumers with high Quality and Affordable products and to share the thrilling moments.

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