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My Cola was never an easy child to bear, but a precious child to sustain. Pet Packaging the mother of My Cola Beverages started its operation in 1994 as a bottled water manufacturer when hygienic bottled water was merely a concept in Sri Lanka. Pet Packaging introduced CRISTAL bottled water and later in 2004, My Cola as a BOI approved project. Powered by an imagination that has now conquered borders, the will to succeed, and a continuous learning approach has seen My Cola fertilized as an idea and rinsed through trials and tribulations like a phoenix.

My Cola revolutionized the hitherto two-way concept of the carbonated soft drinks. Carbonated soft drinks manufacturers for many years used the returnable glass bottles while My Cola introduced the one-way pack pet bottles with a handy handle to carry. Through innovative concepts and dedication, My Cola has won the trust & love of Sri Lankan and Maldivian consumers.
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